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4. října 2016 - Berky
1x Arcobräu Zwicklbier (11°)

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05.10.2016 10:31
Lower Bavarian brewcraft
For almost 500 years, Arcobräu has been brewed in Moos, at the very heart of lower Bavaria where the Danube and the Isar meet. Surrounded by rolling fields of barley and wheat with the dark hills of the Bavarian forest in the distance, the location is idyllic.
As a family brewery, still owned by the descendants of the founders, Arcobräu has a venerable brewing tradition and a lot of experience. We use only the best ingredients to make Arcobräu. Our water, which is the essence of brewing, comes from our own ancient mineral well. We use highest quality barley and wheat malt, the best Hallertau hops and our own strain of yeast, which is specially stored in the vaults of Weihenstephan University.
Arcobräu is loved locally as well as throughout Bavaria and the world. It is not a coincidence that Count Arco’s brewery is the largest supplier to all the Volksfests (beer festivals) in Eastern Bavaria.

Adresa: Schloßallee 1, 94554 Moos, Německo

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  • Arcobräu Zwicklbier (11°)

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